We’re born alone, 
we die alone, 
not cheerful, 
but it’s true. 
What you do, 
from end to end, 
is entirely up to you…

Kate lives in Glasgow with a teeny, tiny, black cat called Biddy and an absolute rock called Alan. They escape into the wilds as often as possible (although 24 hour shopping is pretty handy).

Kate lived on her own, in almost total isolation, in the wilderness of the far North West (next stop Iceland) for 3 years (2014 – 2016) and ended up with an eating disorder, 8 cats and this book.

These poems chart her journey from the darkest of times, through a little madness, self-doubt, many epiphanies, alcohol, chocolate, anti-depressants, paranoia and Greek mythology, back into the light.

She is now 97% recovered and wouldn’t change a thing.

Kate is a radio presenter at DCR and CMR. You can join the group here: Mixtape and listen again here.

She is a lifelong singer/songwriter and keeps a secret stash of solo tracks here.

She is currently working on her fifth studio album of fierce folk/mountain pop (but don’t hold your breath). 

Throughout the Noughties (2002 – 2012) she toured with Scottish band ‘The Midden’ as lead singer and guitarist along with her two sisters, Meggan (violin + vocals) and Hazel (bass, piano, vocals and whistles).  They enjoyed considerable success in the UK and Europe.

If she ever gets her finger out, Kate will be touring the UK and Germany in 2020/21 with her music and this book.