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We’re born alone, 
we die alone, 
not cheerful, 
but it’s true. 
What you do, 
from end to end, 
is entirely up to you…

In 2019 everything changed.  Kate had a little boy.  She named him Alexander.  He is the absolute light of her life.  Now she literally can’t get anything done.  

They live on the North Coast of Scotland, next stop the Arctic.

She tries to write every day but it is virtually impossible unless she gets up at 5am, which, let’s be honest, probably isn’t going to happen that often.  

She is concentrating on her career in radio in the meantime.  Broadcasting from home is fun but she misses the studio and the excitement of a live show.

In her teens Kate was a student and a musician, in her twenties a singer, a performer and a traveller, in her thirties a teacher of French and German and music, and now, in her forties a mother, a writer and a radio presenter.  

She likes to keep life interesting.

BA [Before Alexander] Kate lived on her own, in almost total isolation, in the wilderness of the far North West for three years [2014-2016] and ended up with an eating disorder, eight cats and a collection of poetry.

These poems chart her journey from the darkest of times, through a little madness, self-doubt, epiphanies, chocolate, anti-depressants, red wine, paranoia and Greek mythology, back into the light.

She is now 97% recovered and wouldn’t change a thing.

Now that Alexander is at nursery Kate is back at work, in the library doing research and planning the next album.  

Keep an eye on her blogs for updates. 

Kate is a radio presenter at DCR and CMR. You can join the group here: Mix Tape and listen again here.

She is a lifelong singer/songwriter and keeps a secret stash of solo tracks here.

She is currently working on her fifth studio album of fierce folk/mountain pop (but don’t hold your breath). 

Throughout the Noughties (2001 – 2012) she toured with Scottish band ‘The Midden’ as lead singer and guitarist along with her two sisters, Meggan (violin + vocals) and Hazel (bass, piano, vocals and whistles).

They enjoyed considerable success in the UK and Europe.  Their biggest gig ever was playing Glasgow’s Hogmanay with Snow Patrol in George Square in 2004 in front of 25,000 frozen Glaswegians and 4 very special Germans.
If she ever gets her finger out, Kate will be touring the UK and Germany in 2022/23 with her music and this book.