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Listen to Kate talking about her music
Derek McCutcheon interviews Singer/Songwriter ‘Kate’ about her music, poetry & New Single ‘Caroline’
Derek McCutcheon interviews Kate for a catch up following the release of her Single ‘Caroline’
Cat’s Cream – ‘Caroline’ interview 21/7/21
The Friday Mix – Andy chats to Kate early doors
The Colm Keegan Show – update on progress…
Thank Folk It’s Friday – Ross gets the skinny on the final numbers…

The Full Catastrophe - living with a binge eating disorder, being a mum and wine o'clock

My guest, Kate Reid, is a fellow Scot with a beautiful voice but she talks about having such low confidence that she struggles to accept compliments. Kate talks about her struggle with a binge eating disorder, how opening up and talking was the most single helpful thing, and we muse over whether we can ever truly understand how the mind works…