Gritter Thunberg

So.  I’ve been thinking…

All this hysteria over climate change and global warming…  Is Greta Thunberg actually just a decoy?  Is she being paid by the Government?  Is she yet another fear-monger? 

If you buy an electric car this year the Government will give you £3.5K towards it.  My trusty old unleaded petrol car is still good for at least another ten years… (she’s only got 45K on the clock)  is it all just a marketing strategy?  Are they all just trying to boost the flagging economy?  My car is German, by the way, thanks for asking.  We stopped manufacturing whole vehicles in the UK several years ago…

It’s all a bit of a mess, isn’t it…?

And this Corona virus.  Does anyone remember Asian Bird Flu?  Or Ebola?  I mean, it’s hardly the first time we’ve all been going to die of a global pandemic…

And the terrorists…  and the forest fires and the tsunamis and the earthquakes…

I mean if we worried about everything we would never leave the house.

I didn’t for about six months in 2016.  I watched the whole of Netflix and got Tesco to deliver and it was great.  Society didn’t like it because I got quite fat and I became a drain rather than a useful cog, but I had a great time (once I stopped feeling guilty about it…).

What’s my point?

Sell your TV.  Or at least only use it for films and box sets.  Don’t watch the news whatever you do.  ‘They’ want us to live in fear so that ‘they’ can control us.  Don’t be an unwitting cog in their machine.  Disconnect.  Switch off.  Think.  Play an instrument.  Do a jigsaw.  No OK, don’t go that far. 

But seriously, maybe consider yoga?