OK.  So, it’s not cool to like Valentine’s Day. 

Truth be told, I freaking LOVE V Day!

It’s the one day a year it’s OK to spread peace, hope and joy.  I’m sorry if you don’t have a ‘significant other’ to share the day with, but you have a cat, don’t you? 

You have a mum!  Somebody loves you.

Somebody loves you.

Maslow has it down, we need a purpose, we need wifi and we need love.

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If we don’t have at least a few of these basics, life can become pretty unbearable and that is coming from a privileged, white, middle-class female who lives in the first world…

I could go on and on at considerable length about the virtues of love and having it and spreading it and needing it and sharing it, but it’s almost 3am and I should be asleep. 

So here it is:

Tell someone you love them TODAY.

It’s important.

The more love there is, the less room there is for hate.  That is all.

Happy Valentine’s Day x