Technicolour Dreamboat

So, this whole Phillip Schofield thing has got me thinking…

Is it really necessary to ‘come out’ so publicly, in this day and age? 

Does a celebrity have to debase him/herself LIVE on TV to garner the respect they deserve? 

Was it all just an Insta publicity stunt (330,006 hearts and counting…)? 

Am I getting cynical in my old age…?

It prompted me to respond with the following:

‘Have you considered you may be bi?  I truly believe that every single human being’s sexuality lies on a sliding scale.  Just because you are attracted to a man today, doesn’t mean you won’t be attracted to a woman tomorrow.  It would circumvent so much inner trauma, just to acknowledge that we are all a little bit of everything.  Live life with your heart wide open.  Be open to possibilities.’

I feel like so many people are missing out on so much, by living life with their eyes and minds firmly closed to the myriad possibilities…

Don’t you want to experience everything?  Wouldn’t you like to sample a little of everything life has to offer? 

This ‘new’ idea of gender fluidity?  I get it.  We are born with a certain set of genitalia (unless, of course, we are born with both or neither) but we are not defined by them…  or are we?

I don’t think there is an answer to that question.  It’s all terribly personal.

My only suggestion is to live and let live and to encourage people to go out into the world and experiment!  Try things out.  Try things on.  Figure out your style.  Find out who you are and who you want to be!  It is only by trying and doing and looking and listening, by touching and feeling and living and loving that we learn who we are meant to be and discover our own truth.

Do stuff and see what happens.  This is my mantra for a life well lived.  Go on.  I dare you…