Eat less,

Move more

Pin this to the kitchen door.

Sleep well,

Learn to breathe

See the wood for all those trees?

Make time,

Read a book

How will you know, unless you look?

Smile often,

Laugh a lot

Take good care of what you’ve got.

Grow potatoes,

Fish the sea

Maybe some day you’ll be free…

Make love,

Share a bed;

Show someone inside your head.

Eat and sleep

and sing and play…

because you never know the day.

It is written,

You have to listen…

and throw your fucking clocks away!

© KMR Balos July 2015


The most important lesson learned from 40 years on the planet is not to be ruled by a chronometer on my wrist, or on the wall, or on my screen, it really couldn’t matter less. Show up when you are ready. Eat lunch when you are ready. Meet someone when you are ready. God only knows how I managed to be a school teacher for nine whole years with all those bells and whistles and alarms… no wonder my head exploded! It is vital to my sanity and overall well-being to be afforded the ‘luxury’ of doing everything I do AT MY OWN PACE. I will not be rushed now because rush equals stress. And stress equals bad. Very, very, very bad. If other people around me feel the need to get het up and pissed off about my perceived tardiness then that is their look out. Alexander and I will show up exactly when we are meant to be there, no muss, no fuss. This is also not to say that I am always late. Far from it. I just get up an extra two hours early so I have TIME to take my time.

Maybe you don’t need this.

But I suspect you do.